Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~Folk Artist Spotlight...Kathy Parker~

I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I would love to be a folk artist.  It may sound silly, but that is the new goal I have for myself.  I do not know if I will achieve this goal or not, but it sure is fun trying.  I admire folk artists so much.  I love seeing all of the creative items that they create.  There are so many wonderful folk artists out there today.  They work many long hours creating their projects.  They are always planning in their heads and trying to come up with their newest original ideas.

I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with several wonderful folk artist through my blog, facebook, and through A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine.  These folk artists are not only creative, but they are kind and considerate people who have a true love and passion for the items that they create. 

I decided that it would be fun to start highlighting a folk artist through my blog occasionally.  Today is the first installment of what I hope will be a series of very popular posts.  I will be calling these posts Folk Artist Spotlight. 

The first folk artist that I decided to highlight is a very sweet and talented lady, Kathy Parker.  Some of you may know Kathy from her home being featured in Country Sampler magazine.  It has been featured three times!!!  I got to know Kathy when we were painting our house for the second time.  I saw Kathy's house in Country Sampler and loved it.  I knew I wanted to paint my house like she had painted hers.  I contacted Kathy through email with my questions and she emailed me back.  She also called me to talk me through the process.  Through all of this, Kathy and I have become very good friends.  We continue to email each other almost daily and talk on the phone occasionally.  We have never met in person, but Kathy is a very dear friend and a very important person in my life.

Kathy has been a folk artist for many years.  She has a real passion for primitive decorating and early antiques.  In fact, Kathy was the person who inspired me to start stitching.  Her creations are beautiful and I have been fortunate enough to find some of her work at primitive stores in my area and Kathy has also graciously sent me some of her work as gifts.  I cherish all of them.  Here is a small sampling of Kathy's work.

"Believe" Santa pillow

"Joy" Christmas tree pillow

"Spooky" pumpkin pillow

"Live Simply" daisy pillow

Chick with sunflower make-do

More of Kathy's creations are for sale through Primitives by Kathy.  You can click ~here~ to visit Kathy Parker's artist page. 

I hope to feature many other talented folk artists in the future.  I have a list of some of my favorites that I am hoping to feature.  If you are a folk artist or know of a folk artist that you would like me to feature, you can email me at

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"Every artist was first an amateur."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

All My Best,


annie said...

Dan, I love folk art. I think you are already very creative. You can do it, go for it, develop your skills and seek out your dreams.

Joyce Pickett said...

Dan, with your creativity you would make a wonderful folk artist. Being a crafter myself, I fully understand the need to create something wonderful from your own hands. That big, first step is having the passion and drive and I wish you much success!!

Lida said...

Thanks for introducing Kathy to me! I live in Holland and we just have the first primitive journal since a few months and I love it! The colors are so warm and I love the use of wood! Offcourse I was already inspired by your blog!
Hope to see many more artists that I can follow, greetings

Connie said...

Great post. I love folk art too. Nice pix.

Cross Stitch Woman said...

I am convinced from your cross stitch patterns that you can do anything you set your mind to. I say...DO IT!!!!!!!!!
And I can't wait to see what you create. I know it will be fantastic! Go for it!!!!!
You have my support!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading your post on Kathy.
I enjoyed the way you have done your home.
Can't wait to see what else you come up with.'

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey you can do anything you set your mine to do. Look at how young you are and what you have already accomplished in your life.
I love you creative work already.
This is a wonderful way to introduce different artist and I enjoyed reading and seeing Kathy's work. Especially the beautiful Santa.
So glad I was lucky enough to come by tonight.
Sending you much love

Johanna Parker said...

Ah, this is sweet Dan. I know you and my mom (Kathy) have a kindred connection, and you inspire one another! I know she is honored to be your first folk artist feature :) Your creativity and energy to create is certainly abundant, so I look forward to seeing more folk art from you!

~ Johanna

Angie Berry said...

You seem to do a great job at everything you put your mind to so I'm going to assume that you would make an awesome folk artist!

I enjoyed reading your story on Kathy and how your friendship has developed. I remember your post about contacting her about her home so that you could learn her techniques. She is very talented! How wonderful of her to share her talent with you.

Have a grand weekend~

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Being a folk artist is about being yourself. Do what comes naturally and don't try to fit in with what everyone thinks is folk art or not!

You are already an artist! Just look at how wonderful your home is and how you have inspired other people with your writing and your blog.

prims by olde lady morgan said...


What a wonderful Showcase of kathy's wonderful talents!
What issues of CS was she in?? I would love to go back and revisit them again..OLM

Y1M said...

Wonderful post Dan; great idea. Certainly will look forward to your "Folk Artist Spotlights". Thanks for introducing us all to Kathy and her work. I'm sure she is Inspiring to you.
Dan, you are a talented fellow; I've NO doubt that whatever it is you are desiring, you will certainly achieve. You are a Gifted who enjoys the gift of sharing.
Take claim today...You ARE a Folk Artist.

Michelle said...

Oh Dan,
I think you would make an awesome folk artist! You are great at decorating and have a wonderful eye and don't get me started about how well you cross stitch. I have recently started crafting with felt and wool and making candle mats and penny rugs. I bet you would love it. Give it a try, you can buy a kit and see if you like it~I hope you have a wonderful week and Stop by my blog for a visit soon!