Sunday, February 5, 2012

~For the Love of Yellow Ware~

 I have always liked yellow ware, but in the last couple of months, my like for yellow ware has slowly turned into love.  I was thinking today about how much I love yellow ware (I obviously had some time on my hands...LOL) and I decided that my new love for it may because it matches the trim color in the kitchen so well.

The trim color in the kitchen is a Martha Stewart Living paint color and it is called cornucopia.  I think Martha should have called it yellow ware yellow!  Maybe I should email her, I am sure she would be willing to change it! = )

I have decided that I am going to collect more yellow ware.  You all know what that means!  Jeff will find himself travelling the country in search of yellow ware...LOL!  Take a look at some of the yellow ware that I have now.

In this picture, you can see the trim color.  It really does go well with the yellow ware.

I bought this bowl yesterday.  I posted a picture of it on facebook and most people had not seen one with a lid before.  Some people thought that the lid may have been meant for a canister and it fit on the bowl.  I am not sure, but to me it looks like a yellow ware casserole dish.  Either way, I love it!

Be looking for more yellow ware pictures in the future.  You know how I am when I start collecting something!!

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"Love, love, love!  That's what it is all about!"
~Harold Olsen~

All My Best,


The Moonlit Stitch said...

What IS it about yellow ware? It just gives you such a warm feeling. There was a nesting set of huge yellow ware bowls with the blue stripes at our church forever and one day they just disappeared. I have seen similar at antique stores and couldn't believe the price. Have fun adding to your beautiful collection! ~*~Lisa

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Dan honey your collection of yellow ware is awesome. I had to laugh about the remark about Jeff. hahahaha
We all need a Jeff in our life.
so glad you have him in yours.
Thanks dear friend for all your prayers. Clint really did not find out a whole lot from the specialist.
I will send you his email
I can not tell you honey how I appreciate you and your prayers
Love ya

Never So Simple said...

Gorgeous! I have one bowl and it was my Grandmas. It was given to my Mom. I remember her always making her potato salad in it. I asked for it a few years ago. I love it because ot the memories and color. Looking forward to more pictures.


Becki said...

Loving your collection! The thrill of the hunt. Poor Jeff. LOL


Diane said...

Great post. I have to say that I don't see this style too much in my neck of the woods, but will be keeping an eye open for them now. Beautiful. Diane

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Dan:
You've got an incredible collection
of yellow ware. I think it's getting
harder to find really nice pieces.
I had some nice bowls and they were broken in one of our moves :(


Susannah said...

When I was a young married woman, I was lucky enough to have Grandma's big yellow ware bowl. Grandma was gone and Grandpa had just given up housekeeping. The only thing was....I used it every day...I saw Grandma use it for cookies and potato salad and I thought that is what I am going to do. Well, I broke it! I was crushed. I have never forgotten the day I broke it. I have gone on and found other bowls but they never take the place of my dear Grandma's yellow ware bowl.

Have fun collecting these bowls, Dan. They are beautiful.

jojo said...

I've been by a few times to stare shamelessly at your yellow ware. I confess...I covet it...all of it! So very beautiful and I'm not a yellow person either. Something about it gets to me though.
Originally came by from Maggie's place, just wanted you to know what a sweetheart she is. Have a nice week.

In den Uylenbal said...

Beautiful ! Yellow gives a warm, cosy feeling. I like it ! Greetz Lejo

Lida said...

It seems to me that it is original the bowl with the cover, it fits perfect! Really great bowl and a joy to look at! Greetings

Pam said...

I love yellow ware also. My favorites are the pink and blue banded ones. I'm with you on the bowl with a lid, I think it's a casserole dish.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Dan you have a great collection of yellow ware~ displayed so pretty~
have fun hunting & gathering~looking forward to seeing your collection grow~

alltheseboys said...

I'm grinning ear to ear here! Not because I have even as much as one piece of yelloware..but because my sister and I just shared a conversation on the very thing this weekend. What we commented on...was how we both really liked it. We remember when we "first" saw it and thought...oh pretty. THIS was BEFORE everyone else fell in love with it and you could purchase it fairly reasonable. NOW that we both REALLY like it...the price on it has gone up drastically!!! I guess creative minds...think alike!!! Lol..Have fun in your search! Katie

janet said...

What a great collection you have and the one with the lid is not one I have seen before..It's so unique..I love it..You and Jeff will have fun searching to add to the collection..Have a great week..

Angie Berry said...

One can never have too much yellow ware... or bread boards.

I love all your groupings of the boards. I also love their worn look and beautiful natural patina which is why I collect them and all wood things.

Your collection of yellow ware is so pretty and it does look great with the trim!

Happy Collecting!! =]

priley65 said...

I have several of the same yellowware bowls. I have a complete nesting set of 8 of Mccoy with the pink and blue bands and a set of 8 with blue and white bands plus many, many more. I always buy bowls if they go cheap at auctions. Sometimes I find them for 3.00 to 15.00 dollars. Have fun searching.

Janice said...

I love your yellowware collection! It is such a pretty color with the gold painted woodwork, yet would look so beautiful in your formal dining room too. It would pull the gold color into your dining room off your kitchen. I don't have as many nice pieces as you do so I cheat. I buy the gold dishes from Wal-Mart and Meijer and mix it in. If you put those pieces behind the nice antique pieces, nobody notices! :)
Thanks for showing another beautiful collection!
Take Care,

Anne said...

I adore yellowware, and you have a fabulous collection ~ thank you for sharing it ~ ♥

Y1M said...

I've enjoyed viewing your Yellow Ware collection Dan. Wonderfully displayed too. I have a few pieces myself but, you seem to have much better luck in finding them. :D

Happy Hunting,

Prims By The Water said...

I love yellow ware myself. Have a whole collection of the same bowls from size 4" to size 14". Then I also have gets addicting! Love yours too! Take care, Janice

Joanne said...

Great collection - Yelloware is gorgeous for sure - Around here in PA it's getting so hard to find or if you find a piece you have to mortgage your house - but once in a while you find that piece and your heart goes a pitter patter!

Rebecca said...

Yellow Ware always reminds me of my Nana, and the aromas from her always baking in the kitchen. I am so fortunate to have her big ol' mixing bowl in my collection. Really enjoyed seeing yours! It looks so nice on that Hoosier. Happy Hunting for many more lovely pieces!

aarond said...

Love the yellow ware and the bread boards, well I just love all the primitives. I just joined your blog and hope you will join me too. My blog is all about farm life, decorating, cooking, projects, and much more. Hope to see you there!!

Antique Yellowware said...

Words of advice - you can't go wrong with Yellowware! Something about it is so special.

Enjoy the hunt and be sure to spread the word about yellowware articles on the internet.

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