Monday, February 13, 2012

~For the Addiction...I Mean Love of Dishes~

 I was talking to a friend of mine who is not into primitives and she asked me what kind of dishes people who are into primitives use.  I thought for a minute and then had to admit that I was not sure.  We do a lot of talking about what we collect and how to display our collections, but we rarely talk about the items we use everyday. 

I decided that it might be fun to open up our cabinets and show what our dishes look like.  Some of you may know that I have a true love (addiction) for dishes.  It is a illness that I inherited from my mother.  Many of the dishes I collect are rarely used.  I just enjoy looking at them.  If I do use them, it is only on special occasion. 

Today, I open my cabinets wide and share with you the many dishes that I have.  I encourage you to do the same.

This is the built in cabinet that is on the left side of the fireplace in the dining room.  The dishes from top to bottom are:  chocolate and ivory Fiesta, Currier & Ives dishes, The Friendly Village dishes, and some white dishes that I cannot remember the name of, but I got them for a wonderful price. = )

This is the hutch in the dining room.  I have more of The Friendly Village dishes displayed in it.

This is the built in cabinet that is on the right side of the fireplace in the dining room.  The dishes in this cabinet from top to bottom are:  cobalt Fiesta, the blue dishes are call Countryside and the green dishes are called Wheat, more Currier & Ives dishes, and white and cinnabar Fiesta.

This cabinet holds my vintage Fiesta.

So does this cabinet! = )

These are the cabinets in the kitchen.  This cabinet has shamrock and sunflower Fiesta.

Paprika and marigold Fiesta.

Peacock and lemongrass Fiesta.

These are the dishes we use everyday.  They are scarlet Fiesta.

These are my Jade-ite dishes.

Oh my, I thought I had a problem, but now looking at all of my dishes, I know I have a problem...LOL!  Of course like any true addict, I have dishes placed in other parts of the house that I was too embarrassed to take pictures of. = ) 

So tell me, what are some of your favorite dishes and what do you use for everyday?

I also wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's Day.  I hope you spend it with the people you love the most.  Thank you for filling my life with love.  I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for visiting Yesterday Once More.  I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you will continue to come back as often as you can.  Don't forget to look for Yesterday Once More on facebook and you can also follow me on pinterest by clicking ~here~.

"Take away love, and our earth is a tomb."
~Robert Browning~

All My Best,


Penny said...

Wow -- you really do have a lot of beautiful dishes!! I only have a set of china (that never gets used) and a wonderful set of Rowe pottery dinnerware that I use for everthing! I just love them....

I love that you have so many different colors of fiestaware! You are ready for any holiday/season -- I would enjoy doing that but have no place to store it all!

Your dish collection is truly wonderful!

Angie Berry said...

The further I read, the more I was laughing out loud! This totally cracked me up!! Yes... you have a slight addiction, but it's a good addiction so that's fine. I love all the color collections of your Fiesta!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day~

janet said...

OMG..To say ya love dishes..LOL..You sure do have a lot..I collect white dishes..Ironstone and other kind I find..I mix all kinds of white together..Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jeff..

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Oh, sweet flutter of my heart.
Wow, you've got a lot of dishes!!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I love the Friendly Village and the bright colors of your Fiesta ware. They are all pretty. I can see why you are hooked. You find pieces here and there. The collecting and hunt are the funnest parts of it.

Andrea said...

You have beautiful dishes - I too, have an obsession for dishes but currently I "only" have Folk Art, Heritage and a small Ironstone China collection. I have admired the Friendly Village pattern for quite a while. I love your Jadite and Fiesta too.

Lida said...

Wow!! What a lovely dishes you are showing! Here most is in boxes, no place to show my favorits, only the most used ones are in my cabinet! I envy you! Enjoy your Valentine day, greetings

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hi Dan, you have a amazing collection of beautiful dishes.
I hope you have a wonderful Valentin's Day.

Trace4J said...

Good Morning
Oh wow..I thought I had alot of dishes.But oh no. You have a I have the same with wool.
Love all your beautiful dishes.
My favorite ones I collect are different red and white restaurant ware. I hope to one day collect His Majesty by Johnson Brothers. I have three pet turkeys. :)
Happy Valentine's Day.

bettyj said...

Dan, I had to laugh when I saw your post! I can honestly say, you and my daughter are in a race for the most addicted!lol I tease her
constantly about her dish addiction.She is just like my mother! Me, I have 4 sets!lol
good post.

Allison said...

I love your Fiesta collection!!

I have 7 place settings of Fiesta, we use the bowls everyday. I should use the whole set but I have young kids and cringe when I hear the bowls banging together when they take them out of the dishwasher. I have my moms Currier and Ives (blue) in a box in the basement, also don't laugh but we use Debbie Mumm snowman plates year round. We're also on our last few pieces of cheap plates from Big Lots that we use with the Debbie Mumm. I ran across Folk Art by Pfaltzgraff at a thrift store and would also like to add that to our daily use. My husband just rolls his eyes.
I use to have two pieces of Jade-ite that was my moms but one was broken. Thanks for sharing all your dishes with us.

Y1M said...

Oh my Dan...What a Beautiful Collection. :DDD Love your Fiesta Dishes. I have a few pieces of them...use some of them everyday. My colors are all mixed no matches (in terms of color). I've given so many Fiesta pieces away as gifts.

I really don't collect dishes, therefore, I've no favorites. But, I must say...this is a wonderful post and question. I'm so interested in reading what others have to comment.

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Diane said...

You're right my friend, you do have a lot of dishes....lucky you! I love collecting dishes as well. I find I search the hardest for dishes that my mother collected and we used when we were little, nostalgia I suppose - especially the ones that came out at Christmas and that was the only time you ever saw them! Diane

Carmen and the Primcats said...

I no longer feel bad about mu dishes obsession and all 10 differnt patterns I have. You beat me! I surrender!!! lol!

Happy Valentines day to you too!!!

Carmen and the Primcats

Never So Simple said...


What a beautiful collection of dishes you have. The colors are gorgeous. I'm not a dishes kind of girl but I can see me wanting to be. Happy Valentines Day to you Jeff and the 3 P's.


Prims By The Water said...

Wow you really do have an I mean collection. :o) They all look beautiful, and thanks for sharing your collectins with us. Happy Valentine's to you and yours too! Take care, Janice

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Your dishes are a wonderful addiction. I love the vintage Fiesta the best! They make me smile! Our dishes are a mish mash of handmade pottery plates, bowls and mugs. I have never owned a set of “china” but I have started collecting Liberty Blue but only for display. I secretly have always wanted a set of special Christmas dishes. Louise

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the look into your cabinets! You have nice collections! I have a few sets of dishes as well. My favorite our my Blue Willow that I use for company when I don't want to get my good Lenox china out. My mother has the blue Curier and Ives and we used them growing up as our every day dishes. She still uses them every day. I have a beautiful set from my grandmother that are very old and are hand painted. I have never used them, but my mother did from time to time. They sit in my kitchen hutch on display and like you bring a smile to my face when I see them. Enjoy your day!

Simple Pleasure said...

I, too, have an addiction with dishes...
I do use my dishes but not as often as I should...most are vintage and I refuse to put them in the dishwasher. I have no intention of going into Dish-ReHab...LOL My mantra is: IF THERE'S ROOM IN MY HEART THERE'S ROOM IN MY HOUSE.
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Joy/The Olde Farmhouse said...

Dan: What a great collection! I bet you are never at a loss for a color scheme when setting up for a party. There are worse things to be addicted to! Great post, as usual.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OMGosh honey I have never seen this many dishes in one home. hahahaha
You do have quite the collection but their lovely and I can see how much you love them by the way you have them displayed.
I use my Fiesta everyday and sometimes my Jade-ite. I have given my children all my other dishes except for one set of china.
Nothing prettier than setting a table with things you love.
I am so glad you do this.
Jeff is so lucky to have you.
Thanks honey for asking about Clint. I will send you another update as soon as I hear anymore.
His blood work did turn out good so that is wonderful news.

Tolentreasures said...

Wow, that is a lot of dishes! Love all of the fiesta ware and everything is displayed so nicely, but you might have a little addiction problem! Just found your through Karen/My Colonial Home, I'll be following along!


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hi Dan, I need you to come over to my blog and read it and you will know why.

Ralee said...

Nice to know I'm not the only dish-aholic in the world. When we built this house we put in a dish room (aka a butler's pantry to house my ever-growing dish addiction. Didn't help that I spent 20 years as an Army wife, traveling, entertaining, and collecting. At last count, I can do a dinner for 100 with my Blue Willow (modern and antique); I have a set of Wedgwood I bought in England that we call our "mid-range dishes," or the ones we want to use when dinner's alittle fancier than the everyday dishes require. We've got enough Spode Christmas Tree, collection begun in England and built upon each year for going on 30 years, to throw quite a buffet--oh, my husband wants to know why anybody would need dishes with turkeys on them. Don't ask, I tell him. But you understand, don't you Dan? And how many people do you know who change their dishes with the seasons? Prehaps there should be a 12-step program for us, I say as I eye yet another set and try to figure a way to sneak it into the house.

suz said...

A couple of years ago I would have thought you were nuts! I have some white and green Longerberger dishes that I use daily and had always been just fine with them, but a couple of years ago I came across pink depression glass and fell in love! The pattern I collect is called Miss America and since then I've been really intrigued by a pattern called Jeannette (which has etched glass). Half the fun is the search.

Anonymous said...

I read the article about you in The Southern this morning... very nice! I also saw the home tour in the Country Sampler... very nice! You have a lovely home. I live in West Frankfort and go to the Rabbit Patch too!


Pam said...

I totally love that you have your dishes color coordinated in your cupboards.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Gorgeous~ Wow~ sooooo many ~

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

I'm mostly a white dish kind of girl, but I would be in dish heaven with your beautiful Fiesta collection. Be still my heart!