Monday, February 27, 2012

~Article in Local Paper~

Yesterday, in our local paper, was a very nice article about me being the senior writer of A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine.  I thought you might be interested in reading it.

Photo by Steve Jahnke

To read the article, you can click ~here~.

I know that I have been missing for most of this month.  I apologize for my absence.  I have been busy working on articles for the summer issue of A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine.  I am really excited about this issue it is going to be wonderful.  If you would like to subscribe, click ~here~.  You will not be sorry.

I promise that I will be posting more in the near future.

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"I read about eight newspapers in a day.  When I'm in a town with only one newspaper, I read it eight times."
~Will Rogers~

All My Best,


lilraggedyangie said...

Dan , Congrats to you ! A wonderful article ...for a very deserving inspiration to so many of us ...taking that leap of faith if you will ! Keep reaching for those stars and many hugs and prayers that they keep falling into your reach ! lil raggedy angie

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Dan honey I am so proud of you! I will click over after leaving this comment and read all about you.
You are so busy I can't imagine you even having time for blogging but I for one am so glad you do.
Can't believe I have not subscribed to your magazine. Now is a good time.
So I am off to do that too.
Love this picture of you.
Have a great week sweetie
Clint has his kidney biopsy Wed and tomorrow is his birthday so I will let you know when I know something

Susannah said...

Great article, Dan!!!! How nice to be featured in your hometown newspaper. You should be very proud of yourself. I love reading your articles in The Primitive Place. You are doing a marvelous job!


Pam said...

You are famous! That is a great article. I never knew you wanted to write a children's book. How fun!

Brenda said...

Congratulations Dan! Love the article... Dreams can come true!! Very inspiring. :)

Prims By The Water said...

Congrats on the article Dan. Its nice t receive recognition for making a difference!! My hubby was featured in our local paper too last week for our antique store. Keep up the great my magazine! Take care, Janice

Michelle said...

Congratulations Dan, that's very well deserved!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Congrats. I saw this and read the article when the Primitive Place blog posted about it. Yeah for Dan!!

joanne said...

great article! Congratulations. It must be strange working on articles for summer in the middle of winter eh?

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Dan:
How proud you must be! You have a beautiful home and a marvelous career. I hope you realize both of your dreams.
Warm Regards,


Lida said...

What a fantastic article! And I hope you will live your next dream soon, may it be the book or the store, I wish you all the best with it! Greetings

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Dan~ a wonderful inspiring article~ wishing you all the best with new adventures~ always a joy to read your writing in APP, on your blog, and of course looking at all the eye candy of prim~

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Dan, I've missed reading your blog! What an honor to be featured in the paper! Congratulations!Hope Jeff and the P's are well!--Jan

Joy/The Olde Farmhouse said...

Hey Dan: Nice article on you...thanks for letting them tell so much great information about you. I would love to know you, as you are one who whatever you take on, you do successfully and positively. I love positive people! And I really like people who find it necessary to re-paint every couple of years! LOL
Great post!

Y1M said...

Dan, this is a pretty neat article on inspiring. Read it a couple of days ago. Now, please let me know when that shop is opened. Getting excited about that too. NO PRESSURE! ;D


Angie Berry said...

Wonderful article, Dan! I know you would make a great children's book author because your love for kids is evident.

I did not know you were in Carbondale, IL. When we travel from Springfield, MO to Peoria, IL, your town has always been our stopping point on the way up there and the way back. We don't like stopping in St. Louis. Carbondale is a lovely town with enough choices, that we like to stop there. I've even driven around the side streets looking at homes... I wonder if I ever came across yours. Weird. When my grandma was still alive, we would travel through for every single holiday. Now I make it that way once every couple of years. If you had a shop there, I would DEFINITELY make it a point to find it, haha!

You are right... you just never know where things are going to take you~