Monday, October 17, 2011

~A Farmhouse Table~

As most of you know, Jeff is the best guy in the entire world. He is patient, supportive, and generous. He goes along with all my redecorating without complaining and is always willing to pitch in. Even though I am very busy sometimes writing for A Primitive Place & Country Journal magazine, stitching, or decorating he never makes me feel guilty and he supports me 157% in everything I do.

He knows how much I love primitive/Colonial decorating and he is always on the look out for a new piece for me to add to my collection. This past week he found a wonderful farmhouse table. He asked me about it and of course I loved it. It is an early birthday present. My birthday isn't until November.

I put the table in the dining area of the basement kitchen. I love it!!!

I had two black chairs that matched, so I put one on either end of the table. I chose to leave the sides open so that the wonderful drawers would show.

The place mats were made by my mom a few years ago.

In the center of the table, I placed a firkin filled with dried grass and placed it on top of a wooded little stool I have to give it some height.

I think it looks great and I cannot thank Jeff enough for being so wonderful to me. I really do not deserve such a wonderful guy to spend my life with.

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"A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

All My Best,


Courtney said...

Ok...could that table get any cooler? I am on the lookout for a nice antique pine table for my dining room. I love the whole look...little drawers, the firkin, the stool. Super!

Robin said...

Hi Dan~ love the early b'day gift...but I am also lovin' that riser you have on the table also!!! Wonderful patina. Happy early birthday...what day mine is the third.

Penny said...

Love that table!! What a great guy you have there with Jeff .... he found a wonderful gift for you.... just perfect!
Looks great the way you have it decorated, too!

Carmen at Primcats said...

That Jeff is a keeper isn't he? Love the table! Looks great!

Carmen and the Primcats

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful table Dan!!!
What a great B-day present you got from Jeff!
Prim Blessings

LibbiesHome said...

Gorgeous find by Jeff! Lucky, lucky you. :) I love that riser you have under the firkin, too. :)

denise said...

Love it!!!

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Love the table! It looks beautiful. Your home is stunning.

Laura :) said...

It all looks so nice. You have me inspired and wanting to fix up my basement! I'll not mention that right now to my dh since we have lots of other things on the to do list, lol! Does your basement smell at all? We have a dehumidifier that runs some. I'd like to sheetrock a little room down there and have some primitives and maybe my own lil space.

Nadine said...

What a lovely gift you received. I love the way you have it set up.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

You are blessed to have found a keeper for life..

Your new old table looks awesome and the chairs are perfect!

You'll have to fix a special dinner for the two of you at your new table!


TheCrankyCrow said...

I need me a Jeff!! Seriously awesome table....what a special gift - and one you'll remember each and every time you go by it. I adore the firkin with the dried grasses - perfect crowing touch for the beauty of that table....Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Benita said...

Aww ~ what a wonderful man you have & what a wonderful couple you both are !! I love the table Dan & as always, you can make anything look positively primly perfect : )
~ ♥ ~

janet said...

I love the table..I think the chairs look great where they are placed and I do agree with leaving it open so you can see the drawers..Jeff sounds like a wonderful man but then again I am partial to the name for my husband's name is Jeff..LOL...Have a great week..

nancy huggins said...

What a wonderful gift and such a caring person. Your house always makes me wish I could find a bigger house so I would have room to decorate (and use you for an inspiration) Thanks for sharing some more wonderful pictures of your home :)

earlene said...

Your table looks wonderful and I love the display on it.

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Dan, would you and Jeff please come to my house and "redo" it for me??? I love, absolutely love what you do. Your blog is going to me an inspiration for me!!!

Susannah said...

That table is a beautiful antique! I love the legs. What a lucky find for your birthday! Dan, which kitchen do you use? Upstairs or downstairs? Or both?


basketsnprims said...

What a guy! I love your table and the display you have arranged on it.

Diane said...

Just came across your blog and took a tour, you have a beautiful home! I am your newest follower, looking forward to upcoming posts. Diane

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

First off what a great table. Second I am so jealous that you have two kitchens. You are indeed lucky to have someone who supports your decor habit. My hubby is the same and loves to help me decorate the house. In fact he hogs it and changes things when I am gone. But he has his mother's sense of display and does a great job.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

"I really do not deserve such a wonderful guy to spend my life with." Honey you do deserve this kind of love. It is the kind I have been looking for all my life. So just enjoy his love and gifts and keep sharing them with us.
By the way the table is gorgeous.
I love you both

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love your new table. And the display on it is beautiful!

Y1M said...

Dannnnnn!!! I tell ya...he is certainly a KEEPERRRRR. What a Beautiful Table. Love it. Love the way you have it showcased as well.

Gosh you guys have Excellent taste.

Enjoy, :)