Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~A Sneak Peek & New Lights~

As most of you know, I am painting again! This time, I am painting the basement. I decided to give you a sneak peek of what I have finished. I am doing the basement in sections. This will keep me from getting overwhelmed and will keep the mess down. I am painting the walls sisal which is a Martha Stewart Living paint color and the doors and trim are cornucopia which is also a Martha Stewart Living paint color. I am expecting my check from Martha any day now for all the free advertising I have been giving her paint...LOL!

There are two halls in the basement I started working on them on Tuesday and I am finished with one and almost finished with the other. Before you think that I am slacking, let me explain. The trim in the basement was varnished so I am having to prime the trim and then paint it. It is taking two to three coats so that is why it is taking so long. The good news is there are not that many doors left. I am hopeful that the rest of the basement will go quicker. So here is what I have finished!

It doesn't look like much, but I promise I have been working really hard. = )

While we were on vacation, Jeff's dad hung two light for me. The lights are in the basement and they fit in so much better with the look I am going for.

This is the new light over the island in the kitchen.

This is the new light over the kitchen table. The door is the background shows you what the doors in the hallway looked like before.

When I finish the basement family room and kitchen, I will only have one more room to paint. I am really looking forward to getting finished. This will allow me to start all over painting upstairs. Just kidding, if you listen closely you will be able to hear Jeff scream when he reads this...LOL!

Thank you for visiting Yesterday Once More. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you will continue to come back as often as you can. Don't forget to look for Yesterday Once More on facebook. I would love to see you there too.

"Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things."
~Edgar Degas~

All My Best,


Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Dan,
I love the colors that you have chosen...so warm and inviting. Painting is so much work, but so worth it in the end, isn't it?!

Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

bayrayschild said...

WoW Dan, you sure have been busy! I just love the colors you chose and I hope you are doing well.

Would love to see your rooms when completed.


Angela said...

Good Morning Dan, Although I don't often reply, just wanted to drop in and let you know I don't miss a single post on your blog. I have visited long before I started my own blog "Thru Nanas Window" back in Jan. and at that time became a follower. I so love your love for home and family and you have a special talent when it comes to decorating your home.
I have watched the transformation you have done with paint and simply love it. Enjoyed seeing the lovely curtains made my your Mom , and said prayers for you while you were having the problems with kidney stones. Just wanted to let you know even tho we all might not comment on each post, I am sure there are many folks out here in blogland that you are a big inspiration to. So keep those post coming. We truly enjoy hearing from you. And by the way, love your articles in THe Primitive place mag. also. Take care and enjoy your painting. Love the new light fixtures in the basement, especially the one over the table. Enjoy your summer.

Pam said...

Does Jeff understand that you will never be done decorating? My husband doesn't. Even after knowing me for close to 20 years, he still doesn't understand that it is never "done". The basement looks good so far!

Tracey said...

I think I did hear some screaming come from Jeff! Painting is such a big project, but the results are so worth it - enjoy your "new" space. And I just love the lights you chose, they great!

Janice said...


It looks so nice. You are starting to get the more period look you are going for. I love the lights! I wish I had more time to work or put my hubby to work. We only a few things left to do, but with two kiddo's and my husbands golf game there never seems to be enough time. Okay...you motivated me to get my paint brush out during nap time today instead of working on my tan. LOL! : )

Everythings Lookin' Good!!!

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

You're so funny! I too am a paint-o-holic It's not our fault that there are so many colors to choose from, if they didn't want us to keep changing they would quit making more colors right?? Looks great & love those lights! ~Kriss~

Shirlee said...

Dan ... I love the paint colors you chose & the lights are perfect! As you know, I need to have this whole house repainted & retrimmed after the David debacle. I thought perhaps I could pull off all the trim myself, do the painting, & then hire someone to put on new trim. However, I am scared to death of tackling the painting myself. If a person with "20 years professional painting experience" made the mess I now have to live with, what in the world would I do ... someone who has never painted a wall in her life. You ALMOST inspire me to try. You know ... we aren't too far from each other. Perhaps you would like to take a little trip & paint for me??? Feel free to bring Jeff & the 3 Ps & make a little painting vacation out of it. I'll make you some good meals, even though I'm dieting, & I'm sure Sophie would welcome the 3 Ps with open paws : ) Blessings, Shirlee

jennifer768 said...

Dan ,love the new colors and the new lighting .Hugs,Jen

Judy said...

It looks wonderful, as usual. When you retire from teaching, you can get a job with Martha! You are definitely familiar with her paint colors! Love the lighting. That's my job this summer...replacing most of the lighting in this house. We bought this house new but I did not like all the choices the builder made. So, it will take a few years to make it completely my taste. I can't believe how fast this house filled up. I guess that's what happens when you have summers off. Gotta run....I think I hear Jeff screaming...don't want to be around for that! LOL!

The Hoskins' Family said...

Hi Dan, when your done the basement your house is going to look amazing! The upstair's I love with the Kiln trim. I can't wait to be able to paint something that colour!!!
Great work and can't wait to see the finished product!

Happy Painting!


Benita said...

You always do such a good job Dan & if you run out of things to paint, you can always come paint my place for me !! I don't know where you get all the energy !
hugsss ~

Anonymous said...

LOVE the colors & the lights!!! Our living room will be ready for paint tomorrow if you're free...LOL j/k j/k~btw I did hear Jeff scream hahahaha!


Lynn said...

Looking great! I really love the colors you've chosen to use! I have several rooms that need to be painted, as it has been a few years since we first painted walls in each one of them.

You know what?? I think I also heard Jeff scream!! ;-)

Glad you are feeling better Dan! Take care!


Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Its looking really great Dan!! The colors are perfect for downstairs, it brightens it up! THe new lights are perfect as well!! Happy Summer!:0)

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Its looking really great Dan!! The colors are perfect for downstairs, it brightens it up! THe new lights are perfect as well!! Happy Summer!:0)

Sharon said...

What a wonderful color and I can not wait to see the finished project.
I love those lights they sure do fit in.
I think that I heard a scream from Jeff also, but he will soon get over it.LOL

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hi Dan,

Painting is a job....but something that makes such a big statement! I love your color and I have the same light over my dining room table! Love that light!

Happy painting! It will all be well worth it! :)


Judy C said...

Hi Dan,
Love the color, and the lights.
I am in the process of re-doing a bath room and then it's on to a bedroom. Trying to get everything done in time for a Sept. wedding for my daughter. Lots of work but worth it in the end when it turns out just like you wanted it to.

Lisa B. said...

Dan, I love the colors. It looks terrific already. You are amazing.

Courtney said...

Nothing like painting, my friend! I like to turn on some tunes, dress in grubs, bare feet, and paint until I drop! The arm and hand feel a bit funny at the end of the day though! I hope Martha comes through with that check! Your colors are fab!
Paint on!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey you really amaze me. Your painting again on your summer off. I have never met a harder working man in my life. lol
Dang why don't I live closer to you..
Don't over due it

nancy huggins said...

Looking Good Dan tell Jeff I heard him all the way down here in Central IL hollering :)
Hop on over to my blog and enter my give away when you have time..I will announce what it is in my next post :)
Have a great week end..maybe you will be done painting by then :)

Becki said...

Hi Dan - Everything looks lovely, and I love your lights. I like your color selections.

Becki @