Thursday, June 30, 2011

~The Joy of Collecting! A Photo Shoot Sneak Peek.~

Last Saturday Kimberlee Johnson and I traveled to the small town of Lebanon, Illinois to do a photo shoot of a home for an upcoming issue of A Primitive Place magazine.

The homeowner's name is Joy. I knew that Joy was an avid collector, but I had no idea what I was in store for when I entered her home. I was overjoyed by what I saw. You name it, Joy collects it. I have never seen that many collections in one place. Here home is truly a primitive heaven. As I was walking through Joy's home I found myself thinking, "I want that, and that, and that...oh...and that". Here is just a small sampling of some of Joy's awe inspiring collections.

If the pictures left you wanting more, I have only one suggestion. You need to click ~here~ to order your own subscription of A Primitive Place magazine to see the rest of Joy's awesome collections.

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"I collect antiques. Why? Because they are beautiful."
~Broderick Crawford~

All My Best,


renee said...

WOW! She has a beautiful home! Good thing I renewed my magazine! LOL!
I hope you will have a great weekend!

Commercial Photographer Manchester said...

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Paula said...

Nice collections displayed beautifully!

The Prim Colonial said...

Oh Goody Goody! :) beth @ the prim colonial

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Dan, I can't wait to see pictures in the Magazine! I was in Lebanon many years ago, what a fun town!!! If you get a chance can you tell me where you got the candle lamp in your last post! LOVE IT! OLM

Thistle House Primitives said...

Great collections and I can't blame you for wanting some of them!! I look forward to seeing more in the magazine!

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Nice, what a great way for you and Kimberlee to spend time!! looking forward to the issue! ~Kriss~

Joanne said...

Wow ! Looks like a fun day to see all that in person! Yep - just renewed my subscription! Thanks for the reminder