Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Ironstone...It's Not Just for Big People~

Some of you may know that I have a weakness for dishes. It is a weakness I inherited from my mom. There are so many different types of dishes that I collect or would like to one day collect.

One of the dishes that I would one day like to collect is white ironstone. Jeff and I were out antiquing a couple of months ago, and I stumbled upon this white ironstone child's tea set. I had to have it to display in the kid's room.

I think it looks really good on the whitewashed table.

It was missing the creamer. I hope one day to be able to find one.

It isn't in the best shape. It is discolored and has some glazing cracks, but I think that adds to its charm.

I wonder how many kids have played with it over the years.

So, what do you think?

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jojo said...

I think that is just the sweetest little set, you were lucky to find so many pieces together. Love it, and it looks great on the whitewashed table..;j

Jennifer said...

That is just thee MOST adorable thing ever!! Can't wait till my kids move out and I can have a guest bedroom to do up LOL Nahh..just kidding?!

Ames said...

Oh Dan I love the tea set and the table and chairs too! I'd love to collect ironstone for children! My first grandaughter is coming this March and I have already started looking around for a nice tea set for her. I bought one 17 years ago, but my daughter only had boys but I gave up and I sold it. Now she is finally getting a girl and I get to play with girly stuff again. Yay! ~Ames

Carla said...

Oh, Dan! That is precious! I love children's dishes and the white ironstone is perfect. Love, love, love it!

bittersweetandprim said...

That is a beautiful tea set and I LOVE the table you put the set on, okay well I love the whole room! Its just perfect! Thanks for sharing and stop by to see me, my cousin and I are having our first giveaway!! woohoo! Its going to be fun, so make sure that you come by to enter!!

Jeanne said...

Very beautiful....and I agree, you were very lucky to find an almost complete set!! I love the look of displays so nicely, especially in the Spring with some flowers.

Patti said...

Dan~They are just adorable. I think with the crazing,chips and discoloration is what makes them so perfect.

SANDI said...

Adorable! Love how you have it displayed on the childrens table.

Carmen at Primcats said...

So pretty! I love it. I will keep an eye out for a creamer for you at our antique malls. :) I think I have seen those sets before.

Carmen and the Primcats

Janice said...

It looks adorable. I also have a weakness for dishes, but I'm sure you have me beat. I collect white ironstone, pewter, and yellow ware. I have recently started collecting bennington pottery and it's my new sickness.
: )

Firecracker Kid said...

Nice find! That's too darn precious. Simple, but so posh.

Jerrah said...

Very nice! I forgot about these and you forgot to mention me!!! Just kidding :)

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

The children's ironstone is so cute, Dan. Your nieces and nephews have such a cozy room to play in.

Lana said...

How adorable! To be honest, I prefer the ironstone with discoloration and crazing. :)