Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~The Story Behind the Paint~

I have received so many positive comments about the paint job that we recently finished that I thought I would share a little bit more of how it came to be. Many of you have also been asking about the type of paint I used and the names of the colors. I will be sharing that with you in this post as well.

It all started in November 2009. I was looking through this magazine and came across a house that I feel in love with.

The house belongs to folk artist Kathy Parker. I loved the way she had decorated her house. It was simple and tasteful. I showed the pictures to Jeff and he liked it too, but was afraid to say too much. He knows by now how I operate. He read the article and told me that Kathy's house was once painted in bright colors and she had painted it more Colonial. I told Jeff, "I could do that."

I had started to grow tired of the bright colors that I had used. As some of you may know, I had lived in apartments for many years. The walls were always the same color...white. I always said, "When I get my own house, I am not going to have any white walls." So, when I did get my own house I painted all the walls a color. I did this in the next house and the next house. Now I wanted something more calming.

In April of 2010, I started writing for A Primitive Place Magazine and had the opportunity to see so many beautiful houses. Most of them were painted in the Colonial style and I realized even more that I wanted to be Colonial too. During the summer, I pleaded my case to Jeff and after we saw the saltbox that we were hoping to buy he was convinced.

I had so many questions. What colors do I use? How do I transition from room to room? What if a door is a different color from the trim in the room it is opened to? I decided to go straight to the source...Kathy Parker. I got in contact with Kathy through her daughter Johanna Parker who is also a folk artist. I asked Kathy all my questions and she decided she needed to call me. So, one night she did! She called all the way from Washington state to talk to me about my paint colors and to answer all my questions.

The first thing Kathy said to me was, "You have a lot of painting ahead of you, kid." She was right. She explained how she had painted her house and how she had chosen her colors. How she made the transition from room to room, and that it is okay for a different color door to open into a room with a different trim color. This took some convincing, but she got the job down. She suggested some paint colors and shared with me the paint colors she had used. By the time we ended the call I had made a new friend and she had me convince to go for it! I can never repay Kathy for all her advice and being willing to talk me through all the questions I had. She is a great lady and a wonderful decorator.

So here is what I did. I chose to use Martha Stewart Living Paint for the walls and the trim. I used the eggshell finish. It was great paint and I would highly recommend it. I decided to paint all the walls the same color for consistency. The name of that paint is Sisal. It is a very light ivory. I was worried it would be too light, but it turned out great.

I then decided that I needed to narrow my trim colors down to three. You know how I like odd numbers. I knew I wanted a barn red, gold, and either a Colonial blue or gray.

This is the first color I chose. It is called Kiln. It is a red with quite a bit of brown in it. I painted the trim in the dining room, the music room, the laundry room, and the sun room this color. I love it!

The next color I chose was the gold color. It is called Cornucopia. I painted the trim in the halls, the kitchen, the kid's room, and a bathroom this color. I love how the Kiln and Cornucopia look together.

The final color I chose was the Colonial blue. It is called Mariner. I painted the trim in the master bedroom, master bathroom and another bathroom in this color. I like how it turned out, but sometimes I wish I had chosen gray...Shhh don't tell Jeff.

These are the two ways that I made the transition. It involved a steady hand and lots of patience, but it made the transitions seem natural.

We started painted on September 4th and finished on November 25th. It seemed like it took forever, but considering all the painting we did and the new windows and lights fixtures which I will share with you in a later post, we did really well. It was worth all the work.

Thank you for visiting Yesterday Once More. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you will continue to come back as often as you can. Always remember, "Be swift to love. Make haste to be kind."

All My Best,


Splinters From The Woodworkers Wife said...

Just wanted to say I love your home..it is absolutly beautiful! You have a wonderful gift for decrating. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! I really like those colors as well....oh boy!!! :0

Julia said...

That a lot of house for two people, but my, how beautifully decorated. Your dogs are so clean and gorgeous. You have an impressive talent to decorate. JB

Carmen at Primcats said...

Thanks for sharing all that Dan. I was wondering how you chose. I too am a color girl and someday plan to make the transition to the more colonial look as well.

Carmen and the Primcats

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

beautiful job Dan...love the colors...I am going to paint my closet doors in my front hallway.....black! I saw it on a great blog and fell in love with the idea...

SANDI said...

Thanks for sharing....It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Oh how I love your house. I can only dream...LOL

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have seen beautiful paint jobs & could never find the same color when looking at paint chips. Thanks for including the maker of your paint & the color names. Gray is an unusal color. I really like it. I have been tempted to do a bedroom with it. I love your new colors. Blessings!

renee said...

Dan it all looks great! That was very nice of Kathy to help you with your questions.
You know, gray is a neat color, I thought I had picked gray when I painted my craft room, but it's more of a greenish gray. I am somewhat color blind! LOL!
My hubby is a printer, so he says from now on, take him with to help read the colors!
I still like it anyhow!
Have a good rest of the week!

Dale Elizabeth ~ ACountryshop.blogspot.com said...

Dan you and Jeff did a wonderful job! I love the trim colors you chose, and I am laughing on the grey...(don't tell Jeff) remark.
Your home looks bigger, very stately and colonial, even tho I loved it before, it's even better now!
Thanks for sharing all the details and colors.

Mumsy said...

I think the colors you chose work extremely well together and the finished project is beautiful. Kudos to you and Jeff, your home is absolutely gorgeous. Hugs

ddogood said...

Wow Dan, You must have read my mind. I was just thinking, boy I wish Dan would post the brand of paint and colors he used. I actually have the Martha Stewart sisal paint sample here at my house. I had already chose it in the fall, but couldn't decide on the trim color. I really like the Kiln color, but also like the Cornucopia. Just wondering what was the gray color you were thinking about? I think I was looking at one that was like a putty color, I can't find the sample I had.

Thanks for sharing. Love your house!


Johanna Parker said...

It looks so cozy and inviting Dan, and the hues, so oddly familiar to my mom's house... LOL! :) I'm glad she was able to help you. You did a great job ~ it looks lovely....

~ Johanna

Angie Berry said...

I think you all did a wonderful job and finished in good timing considering all the painting you had to do. I love the more Colonial look of your home now. It was beautiful before, but even more so now. I think the rooms flow nicely together. You picked a wonderful base color.

How wonderfully sweet of Kathy to take the time to tell you her secrets and convince you to try it. It is well worth all the hard work, I'm sure.

Martha said...

A great post. My favorites are the red and gold.

Janice said...

You did a wonderful job, thanks for sharing your colors! I will be checking into that red color, but I am also torn between a red or gray in my basement. They are both so beautiful. I am sure sure you'll find a spot for a touch of gray. : )

Sandy said...

I can't believe I had missed this post...

Thanks for sharing and it's always so fun to have someone else share and help out with their ideas.

I am also in the transition of trying to get my home to be more Colonial.

I have to say...with all your changes you guys need to have your home re-featured in Country Sampler and of course the new magazine, A Primitive Place. It would be beautiful to see again ;)