Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Treasures and a Treasured Gift

Yesterday Jeff and I went antiquing with our friend Jerrah. I thought I would share with you some of the treasures that I found. As always, I found some vintage Fiestaware...I know you are shocked...LOL! I didn't take pictures of the Fiesta. I have bored you enough with my passion for it.

I have started collecting some vintage toys that are more boy related. If we move, I would like to have one bedroom for a girl and one for a boy. With that in mind, I set out to find a few toys for boys. I put them in the basement guest bedroom and I think they look pretty good.

Jeff's parents found the old metal bucket for me. I put it in the sun room and really like the way it looks with the bait bucket and metal watering cans in that room.

When we picked Jerrah up, she gave me a gift for watering her flowers while she was on vacation. It was completely unnecessary, but I really appreciated her thinking of me. She gave me the sampler that says, "A good friend, like a quilt is both a treasure and a comfort." I love it and I put it in the basement family room.

I also wanted to brag on Jerrah a little bit. As most of you know we have taught together for four years. We are both Special Education Teachers. While we have been working together Jerrah has been working on her administration degree. She has worked really hard and put in a lot of long hours. Starting this school year, she will be the Special Education Director for our school district! This will mean that we will not be teaching together anymore, which makes me sad. However, I am so happy for her and I am so proud of what she has accomplished. Technically, she will be my boss. I have already told her I better get excellent evaluations...LOL! Jerrah is quite a bit younger than I am. I will not tell you her age, but she is in her twenties. What an accomplishment for her to achieve in such a short time! This speaks for her dedication and drive. I know that she is going to do a wodnerful job in her new position! Okay, I am finished bragging.

I will let you relax now and look at the pictures of my new treasures.

Thank you for visiting Yesterday Once More! As always, I appreciate you stopping by and I hope that you will continue to come back as often as you can. Always remember that dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. With both of these you can achieve anything!

All My Best,


Debby said...

My son is a special ed teacher as well. I bet you are a good one.
Okay, if you list your house, how will you de-personalize it. They requested that we did that last year when ours was listed. I still can't find the things we took down.
Good luck.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the items you found for the boys room..and love the stitchery she gave looks right at home with your other goodies..;) have a great rest of your day and an great friday too.:)

Patti said...

cool stuff...I used to have a xylophone just like this one when I was a kid! Have a great weekend!

janet said...

The items you found are great and congrats to your friend on her achievement..I especially love the blocks..

Grammee Linda said...

Hi Dan!!

I love the old toys you collect. What a wonderful collection you have now.

Congrats to Jerrah on her new position at such a young age. I hope she has muh success!!

Your last paragraph reminds me of the quote I put on my blog today!

Have a great weekend!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Dan....I congratulate your friend on her moving on up in her career.

The toys you found are awesome...I especially love the old Ark on that looks really antique but in excellent condition.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello to Dan and Jeff, Sweet Friends...
First off Congrats to Ms Jerrah. You go girl, I am so thrilled for you. All the way to the TOP.

Dan I love your toys that you have purchased. What fun, especially the xylophone. I love it. I remember them quite well. The blocks are so playful, how fun they will look in a childs room.

I remember those minnow buckets, Daddy would set his in the lakes edge or over the side of the boat, and I loved picking it up and watching the water flow out. What fun that was. We also had one of those watering cans at Grandma and Grand daddy's far, it was for the hay hands that they hired in the summer time. What memories those two items held for me. Thank you so much for sharing them.

I scrolled down and saw the beautiful home that you had purchased prior to this one. OMG talk about a kitched TDF? That was an awesome kitchen, and the dining room so beautiful. (I saw Parker in one of those photos I believe). Just precious.

How is it going with getting your home sold, so as to purchase your next love? I have been praying about it for you guys. I am so in love with your decorating. What an awesome job you do my friends. Just beautiful.

Thank you for sharing today. I have so enjoyed my visit. I will see you soon my friend. Have a beautiful weekend. Country hugs sweet friends, Sherry

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

Great Finds Dan!!!

Love the old ark toy-awesome!!! I love old toys and I can't believe I took my Tom Thumb cash register to sell at out booth at the mall. I used to place it under the Christmas tree........Oh well, always new "old" finds to be found!!!

Congrats to your friend and co-worker Jerrah!!!
Hope you and Jeff are enjoying your Summer :)


Mumsy said...

Congratulations to your friend Jerrah!

I love the toys they are cool. You find some really nice things. And your home is just beyond gorgeous! Hugs


you have a wonderful old toy collection going...and congrats to you friend..what a great accomplishment.....
ps..Im sure you are a fantastic teacher...

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Love the bucket and the old toys! And congrats to your friend Jerrah!

Janice said...

Great finds, it sounds like a fun filled day. And I completely understand what hard work it takes to get your admin degree. Good for her...hard work always pays off! How is the house process coming? Have you listed your house yet? Good luck with everything and keep us posted!

Sharon said...

Congrats to your friend on her accomplishments. I really enjoyed seeing all of the neat finds you got.
I really enjoy stopping by and looking at the photos of your home. It is so beautiful.

ddogood said...

Love your treasures! I just adore the Noah's Ark. I love, love, love it! OMG! I collect Noah's Arks. I'm sitting here squealing! LOL!


lilmamasprimitives said...

It's so wonderful to have such great people around you. Love the stichery from your friend..I have that same minno bucket~Bait Bucket, I have the lid open with twigs coming out and I added sunflowers on sticks..I need to add some brown little lights just havent had time! Just like your crocks metal buckets can become an obsession..At least for me it is..I have them outside with flowers and inside with just about everything I can find..Thanks for all the great pics..Glad things are going well for you guys
~♥~Prim Blessings...

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...


You have so many great collections. I LOVE all of your new finds!! The stitchery your friend gave you is so special I know it means a lot to you!! Oh I can't forget the buckets they are awesome too!!! Hope you and Jeff have a great weekend!!


Lynn said...

Dan, Congratulations to Jerrah on her accomplishments! She's doing wonderful!!

I love all you antique toys you found Dan! Soo neat!! I, too, really like the Fiesta dishes.. My daughter has a beautiful set of them..

I think my Hubby and I are due to go and check out our Antique Shops again, as it's been sometime since we've done that.. I always enjoy checking them out!

Have a wonderful weekend Dan!


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Such a sweet and happy post, Dan. Congratulations to your hard=working and deserving friend. What a thrill for her to realize a dream ... such a lovely inspiration

I also thought you might like to know that you won the little bowl fillers I'm giving away, thanks to a little magic. Yay!

Email me and I'll send them on their way...