Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If I Were a Carpenter

Something you may not know about me is that I am a huge Carpenters fan. I love the way they sing and I have been interested in their lives for a very long time. While I was on blogcation, I read a new book called Little Girl Blue~The Life of Karen Carpenter it is by Randy L. Schmidt. If you are a fan of the Carpenters, get the book and read it.

I share this interest with my younger brother, Andrew. We spend many hours listening to Carpenters music and trying to find out as much information about them as we could. I was the best man when he got married six years ago. As part of my speech, I used Carpenter song titles. I thought I would share that section of the speech with you

I am sure that it seems like is was Only Yesterday that you were saying to yourselves, "I Need to be in Love." Everyone you knew kept saying, "It's Going to Take Some Time", but you were tired of playing Solitaire. You kept asking yourselves, "Where Do I Go From Here?" Then on an ordinary law school day, you saw a Sweet, Sweet Smile and your heart began to Sing. You attended many parties and dances and felt like you had a Superstar on your arm. You longed for the day that one of you would look at the other and say, "I Won't Last a Day Without You." Then on a cold January day, Those Good Old Dreams came true. He got down on one knee and said, "Because We Are in Love, Let Me Be The One." Now the day has arrived. You've walked down the isle and Ave Maria has been sung. You are finally man and wife and you are on Top of the World, but you keep saying to yourselves, "We've Only Just Begun.

So here is to Andrew and Amy, may your love only grow stronger and deeper and help see you through all the Rainy Days and Mondays. May you always guard against Hurting Each Other. From This Moment On, may your life together be long and happy. May you always find complete contentment and acceptance in each others arms. May your love always be Close to You until the End of the World. And no matter how old you get may you always whisper in each others ears, "Touch Me When We're Dancing."

Thank you for visiting Yesterday Once More. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope that you will come back as often as you can. Always remember the finest love stories come after the wedding not before.

All My Best,


Janene said...

Oh I love the Carpenter too!
I used to listen to them, whenever I could, when I was younger.
I am absolutly in LOVE with their Christmas album. I break it out of hiding at the beginning of November and listen to it well into January. It just gives me such a festive burst of energy!
That was a lovely speech you gave to your brother and sister-in-law. I like that you still have it on hand. :)
Have a great week!!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Hi Dan,

What a wonderful and special speech you gave.

Such an original idea. I love it.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Calico Rabbit said...

I have always loved the carpenters too and get sad when I think of Karen's tragic end, so young.

Your speech was just wonderful, and so creative! Thanks for sharing!

Debby said...

What a nice speech. I loved the Carpenters. I went to the State Fair to see them. I was a couple months pregnant and had a fever. It was hot that day but so worth it. Poor Karen.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Oh how I love the Carpenters!! I have always thought Karen had one of the best female voices EVER-- such a warm alto!! Gone too soon!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I too loved their music and was sad to see she took her life and ended that wonderful music..;) love the speech you did..very creative..;)

janet said...

What a great speech and clever too..I as the others here loved the Carpenters..Karen and her brother were great song writers..I can remember listening to them on my little plastic AM radio..Oh the memories..Have a great week..

Mumsy said...

I love the Carpenters too. They were great singers and harmonized beautifully together. Your speech was great, how creative you were. That was a very special thing to do for your brother and sister-in-law. Thanks for sharing the speech. Hugs

Mary said...

A beautifully written speech. I grew up with the Carpenters music and so sadden at the death of Karen. She and her brother Richard were a tremendous duo.

I just adore your blog. Your home is beautiful!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Dan honey only a loving kind brother like yourself could of wrote and gave such a toast to your brother and his sweet Amy. I love the way you did this sharing your love of the Carpenters with your brother on his wedding day. How special this is and you for doing it!
If only there were millions of Dan's in this world I would sleep so much easier at night.
So are you now officially off Blogcation. How many post have I missed before this one? Got to go check it out.
Thanks sweetie for coming back to this world of blogging I for one missed the heck out of you.
I am doing much better thanks to all of your prayers and others. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I took an over dose of pain pills usuallly I have been doing good with just one or two but it showed me I am not completely where I want to be but I am getting there.
I have been thinking of you and sometimes I would here Dotty Forest bark and I thought you had drove to Texas on your blogcation to see me. lol

Farmchick said...

That was a great speech...you really put a lot of thought into it! Come say hi! :)