Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Makes Me Smile

I have told you a lot about myself in several of my posts. I have written about my love of decorating, my family, my job, my home, my collections, and my house being in Country Sampler Magazine. I thought it might be interesting, and help you to get to know me a little better if I shared with you five things that make me smile when ever I think about them. So here they are :

#1 Doris Day

Who doesn't like Doris Day??? She is so sweet and cute. She has a great voice and she made some wonderful movies. Her movies depict a simpler time. I love all of the Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. We have several of her records, and I listen to them over and over again. She is also on my ipod. I fall asleep listening to her every night.

#2 The Wizard of Oz

I first saw The Wizard of Oz when I was very young. Remember when it was only on once a year? It was an event. It makes me sad that kids today do not have that type of anticipated event in their lives. They can watch the movie any time they want. I remember being so excited when the commercials would start coming on, and counting the days until it was on. I would spend the weeks leading up to the airing drawing pictures and playing Wizard of Oz. I got the Wizard of Oz dolls when I was about three. I loved those dolls and played with them all the time. Over the years, the dolls became worn out, broke, or were lost. I always wished I could have them back. A few years ago, Jeff found them for me on ebay. It was like being a kid again and I will cherish them always.

#3 All My Children

I have been a huge All My Children fan since I was five years old. I have watched it on and off for 32 years now. There is something comforting about watching a soap for that long. You feel like you know the characters, and you are invested in the lives. I Tivo it everyday. I am not as bad a my great-grandma was. She used to pray for her soap characters...lol!

#4 White Christmas

I love all old movies, but one of my favorites is White Christmas. I could watch it all year long. I love the dancing and the singing. This past Christmas we saw the Broadway musical of White Christmas. It was very good and I enjoyed it very much

#5 The book A Thousand Acres

I love to read and one of my favorite books is A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley. It is about a family who lives on a farm. The subject matter is depressing, but the idea of living on a farm in Iowa has always appealed to me, so thinking about that makes me smile.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what makes me smile. I enjoyed thinking about all of them. I hope that you have things in your life that make you smile and remember an event from your childhood. Thank you for visiting Yesterday Once More. I appreciate it more than I can say. I hope you are all having a relaxing evening, and that you have discovered your "warm puppy" today.

Take Care!


Debra said...

Many of thses things I had forgotten about! Yhanks for taking me down memory lane!

Lynne said...
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Benita said...

I luv Doris Day & Rock Hudson movies too, my daughter just gave me the movie " Lover Come Back" for Valentines day ! We have an old 1930's restored theater here in town that play all the old movies and every year they play "White Christmas" and all of the other old movies. You would luv the theater, all concessions are only $1 and the seats have a little tray that folds up so you can set your snacks on. Of course they play a cartoon before every movie and draw a ticket stub giving you a chance to win a prize : )
I've also watched Days Of Our Lives since I was 13 years old and do feel like they're part of my life too !!
I remember too when Wizard of Oz was only on once a year and looking forward to that also. Ahh ~ the good old times !
I also saw the movie A Thousand Acres too, and would luv the simple farm life too, so I share your passion for all of these things Dan, thanks for another great post. Have a wonderful week dear ~
xoxo Benita

The Brickhouse said...

I am so happy that I found your blog! You are a blessing and you make me smile!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful blog post, Dan! You have some great picks there. Belated congrats on the magazine spread - I would have dropped a note sooner by my web browser is acting up terribly. Can't wait to get my hands on that issue! Have a wonderful day!

Prim Crafts said...

Thank you Dan, I can remember when the Wizard of Oz was on once a year, and looking forward to it too. Thanks for the memories....Prim Blessings.

simple~needs said...

love doris day movies!! my other faves were gidget movies. :)
wizard of oz always was a big event for us.
i can remember when our sunday evenings consisted of disney and wild kingdom on tv too. we would set on the floor with a bowl of popcorn.
i am going to check out the book at the library.:)

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

so nice to get to know you. I love the Doris Day, White Christmas, etc too so sad their simplicity is lost.

Robyn said...

I agree with Patti (The Brickhouse post above), your posts make me smile. I don't always have time to read all my favorite blogs having a demanding 3 year old, but I make time to read yours...very positive and I need it right now!
Thank you!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Dan....how wonderful to get to know you better.
I thought I knew who you were but your insight to life is simple....but solid. I like that.
You love the things that were true and pure. We all should have those qualities...life would be so grand.

I grew up in the period you were talking about...well, not the Wizzard of OZ...it was an awaited for event in our home as well...but the other things were from my younger era.
Thanks again Dan for bringing to light some of the things we have forgotten about.
You are a dear heart.

Hugs, Karen

Debbie said...

I remember waiting all year long for the Wizard of Oz to come on. I wonder if anyone remembers Cinderella? The old version with Leslie Ann Warren (?) and Richard Chamberlain. I loved it too! I also remember the old Doris Day movies. She was one of my favorites. White Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies, along with A Wonderful Life and Christmas in Connecticut.

Hope you have a wonderful day Dan!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading your post today. I grew up with the Doris Day & Rock Hudson movie.
I remember also the Wizard of OZ and waiting for it to air again.
Thanks for the memory lane trip.
I will have to find that book.

Jo-Anne said...

Oh, Doris Day! one of my faves! I was so jealous of her though, because she got to hang out with Rock, and he was soooo yummy! ;)

I still remember the very first time I watched the Wizard of Oz. When Dorathy is about to walk out of the house into Oz, my dad said, "watch what happens next!". I remember ooooing and ahhing at the now color movie, not even realizing it was in black and white before! haha!

And, as for White Christmas, I made my 16 yr. old daughter watch that with me just this Christmas. She actually loved it, too! :)
Fun post today, Dan. LOVED it!
Take care-

thesimpledaze said...

Dan thanks for another great post.I also loved and still love Doris Day I watched all of her movies some even at the theater when they were first showing.She is one beautiful lady.The Wizard of Oz used to be shown every year on Easter evening on T.V.I watched it as a child then my children and now my grand kids watch it when ever it is on T.V.White Christmas was good also but for some reason my favorite was A Christmas Carol the original one.and another favorite Miracle on 34th Street again the original. Boy I wished they made movies like that again.I am going to check out the book you talk about going to see if the library has it.Thanks again for making me think about the good old days lol.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Another smile-inducing post, Dan... How fun getting to know you!

I have to say that, as a child, the Wizard of Oz scared the daylights out of me. (Those darn flying monkeys!) But it was always fun looking forward to the movies that came on once a year, especially at Christmastime. I still feel that way. Happy anticipation is such a gift.

Enjoy those little things that light up your day ... and stay warm and snug.

In His service, Anne said...

Whoa Dan pretty errie!! Love the same things (never read the book though)! I do remember anticipating wizard of oz, usually around Easter time. Dragged my hubby to see White Christmas On stage last year. All my children...I stopped watching when Tad and Dixie split....actually went to the mall to see several cast members in the 90's!! Doris Day..my folks turned me on to all the old movies, remember watching them on Sundays.
Thanks for making me remember these things!

The Stone Fence Cottage said...

White Christmas is one of my all time favorites- I LOVE when Danny & Bing sing "sisters" with the big feather fans! thanks for sharing!

Farmchick said...

I DO remember when the Wizard of Oz was on only once a year....I was trying to remember when it was on though..was it in the fall? I have read A Thousand Acres...a very good book and it appeals to me to--even though I DO live on a farm! ;) I also like White Christmas...but I don't watch All My Children...its' The Young and Restless for me :) Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I will for sure be back again.....

Lynn said...

Dan, Doris Day has always been my most favorite actress, gosh, since I was like 11 or 12 years old! I always loved watching her in the movies with Rock Hudson and really loved to hear her sing! She was kinda like my *idol*, so to speak, of whom I hoped to take after when I grew up. :)