Friday, February 19, 2010

Sharing Your Cookies

"The miracle is this~the more we share, the more we have." ~Leonard Nimoy~

A young lady was waiting for her flight in the boarding room of a busy airport. Since she would have to wait for a long time, she decided to by a book to read to pass the time. She also bought a package of cookies.

She sat down in an armchair in the VIP room of the airport to relax and read in peace. Beside the armchair next to where the cookies lay, a man sat down and started reading a magazine.

When she took out the first cookie, the man reached down and took a cookie too. She felt irritated, but said nothing. She thought, "Imagine the nerve! If I were in the mood, I would punch him for daring." For each cookie she took, the man took one too. This was infuriating her, but she didn't want to cause a scene.

When only one cookie remained she thought, "What will this abusive man do now?" Then the man, taking the last cookie, divided it in half and gave half of the cookie to her. That was way too much! In a huff, she gathered her things and angrily boarded the plane.

When she sat down in her seat, she reached in her purse to take out her eyeglasses and to her surprise there were her cookies, untouched and unopened!

She felt so ashamed. She had been wrong. She had forgotten that she had placed her cookies in her purse. The man had divided his cookies with her without feeling angry or bitter. While she had been angry thinking she had divided her cookies with him. It was too late she would never get a chance to explain or apologize.

This story made me think. We have been taught to share from an early age. This is one thing that most parents feel like they should teach their kids. Most of us mastered this skill as a child. Why is it that as we get older, we are not as willing to share as much as we did as children? You may be saying to yourself, "I share all the time." The type of sharing I am talking about, though, is not the sharing of tangible objects. We should share ourselves with others.

I think as we get older we find it harder to share ourselves with people due to years of being hurt or rejected. Many of us may think we have nothing to share with people. I have heard people say, "I am emotionally bankrupt, I have nothing more to give." I think we have all felt this way at some time or another. Sharing ourselves with others doesn't cost us anything. It is completely free. We can share love, our time, our talents, our hearts, and our ears with others.

What I want all of us to work on in the coming days is sharing ourselves with others. You may feel rejected by some, but for every one person who rejects you, one or more person will accept you. We are all worthy and valuable people. We all have so much to share with others. The trick is finding something to share and not being afraid of rejection. We also have to guard against becoming angry like the lady in the story. Sometimes we give so much and don't feel like we get anything in return. The result of this is bitterness and anger. We have to try to rise above that. None of us knows how many people we touch in our lives. So, reach out and share yourself with someone this weekend. It will do you so much good, give you more confidence, and make you feel like a better person.

Thank you for visiting Yesterday Once More, and for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I appreciate all of your wonderful comments and e-mails. I hope that you will continue to come back and visit when you get the chance.

Take Care!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

OH Dan, what a great post always seem to hit home with me!


Carmen C. said...

That is lovely and YES, sharing gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and it may just inspire the one you share with to share with someone else, a win-win situation:) Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with all your readers!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I love this story Dan...I've heard it before but it does make one think.
I think you were sent ot all of us to instill all the goodness in all of us that we loose sometimes.
Hugs, Karen

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I have to agree with Karen - you were sent us indeed! You always seem to hit upon something that has been in my heart or on my mind but reading your wrds makes me realize just why. Another thought provoking post!! :-)

Benita said...

Thank you Dan for sharing your talents with us and taking time to inspire us everyday !! You are such a sweetheart : )

LeeHillPrimitives said...

HI Dan, Happy Weekend! Thanks for share posts like this. I agree with the girls above, you always send a good thought to make us thinking what we have in our lives, or what we need to chnage in it. Lovely!

Audrey said...

Another wonderful post. My prayer is that everyone reads this and gets something from it. What a wonderful world this would be if more people were as thoughtful and good hearted as you are.

Susannah said...

Wonderful, interesting post, again!


Sharon@crafty*nesty*thrifty said...

Love you Dan Great post

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Dan, What an encouragement it has been for me to visit your blog...I always look forward to your inspiring posts. Thank you for sharing what's on your are blessing to all who visit here!

purensimple said...

Dan you are truly inspiring....I think you should write a book!!! Your messages you send to us in blogland are so touching and true. I look forward to visiting you everyday and always leave with your words of wisdom still in my heart and in my mind. Thanks for always blessing my day!
HUGS Theresa

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Dan you hit the nail on the is so we get older..and more private etc..I always try to say something nice to everyone..whether it be their hair, clothing or what can always find something nice to say..thanks again as usual for these little pearls of wisdom..:) hope you have a great weekend..:)

Tracey said...

Wow! That really struck a note. Thank you, Dan, for posting such an inspiring story and important lesson. I will think about this for some time to come. Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings, Tracey

Patti said...

Hi Dan: What a terrific moral story to ponder...I so agree...Sharing ones time is so important...there are so many people out there that need someone to chat with, if only for a while...

Jenny said...

Great deep thoughts Dan.

I have had a lot of bad stuff in my life. For me, I find, as long as I share my heart truly I can always find a way out of it.

It is only when I turn inward that I become lost in my own misery.

So the thought of rejection or criticism or harshness pales with the thought of loosing myself in sadness.

If we live in fear of judgement of others we will never be free to dance in the rain and wear purple reading glasses imbedded with rhinestones.

And really, what would the purpose of life be if we hid away from all our hearts joys?

Daisy Cottage said...

It is wonderful to meet you and congratulations on your Country Sampler Home Tour Feature! That is awesome.

Your writing is also wonderful - thank you for sharing and for inspiring.

I've added your blog to my Blog Candy page. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment too.


Laura said...

Thank you Dan for this wonderful post!
May you have a great Sunday!

Lulu said...

wow, love this post and so true, true!!!..
Love that pic you have, all the snow and a lovely home..warms the heart..
have a lovely sunday..